The cufflinks “Quintet” of the 19 Grammy Award holder

The cufflinks "Quintet" of the 19 Grammy Award holder

Men’s cufflinks “Quintet” – Blessed is the Kingdom!

A priest or a bishop has to say these words (“Blessed is the Kingdom!”) to begin the Orthodox divine service. And following the ancient ritual, believers cross themselves. Sign of the cross at the entrance to the church and at the exit, before and after the prayers as a sign of your faith and as the faith itself!

According to some historical information the custom to make the sign of the cross originates from apostolic times. Thus, Quintus Tertullianus (early Christian writer, first one who conveyed the concept of the Trinity) mentions in his treatise “De Corona” about protection of a brow with the sign. And it is 211 A.D.!

Men’s cufflinks “Quintet” – precious symbol of the cross. Crafted out of white gold, they are decorated with five diamonds, from which the rays are divided in all directions, giving the believers love and gratitude and protecting from the fallen spirits.

It is inherent of our Christian tradition that the worshiper does not cross himself alone, but receives this spiritual seal from God.

Men’s cufflinks “Quintet” – strength and the divine wisdom to the soul!