Cufflinks “Submarine”

Men's cufflinks "Pike"

The waves are splashing above us;
The spring is soon to come again,
The night fields’ silent air-topaz…,
Your sorrow will pour with the rain.
You wait for me and I’ll return,
Hope the depth my light-bridge won’t burn.

(Alexander Marshal “the Depth”)
translated by Valerie McBasil

The Men’s Cufflinks ‘’Submarine’’ perform the mission of memory-echo.

One cold February day in 1944 the submarine “Pike”-216 (Щ-216) set course to the western extremity of The Crimean peninsula to patrol the district of Tarkhankut Cape not to let the German convoy pass by. In the very last message transmitted to the base the “Pike” captain reported of the battle in sea-square 101. Since then nothing else has been heard about the submarine. It was only in our time that the pathfinders managed to discover the lost vessel and restore the battle-scene. Nearly 30 anti-submarine bombs had been dropped to destroy the “Pike”, one of which had hit the mark, having put an end to 47 sailors’ lives and grounded the submarine for its final everlasting patrol-mission. Nowadays the question of surfacing the boat is still on the desk.

The Men’s Cufflinks “Submarine” make a unique piece of art, representing the combination of submarine weapon power and invincibility of the guardian-warriors’ spirit.

The right side of the cufflinks depictures the surfaced hastening, threatening with its attack “Pike” boat. It is also a rare mixture of plique-a-jour and fluting enamel. The “Lobortas” Jewelry House craftsmen embodied in the color the low February sky, bitterness of the sea-water and the agility of the attacking submarine.

The cufflinks “Submarine” are crowned with the breaking-point-vocalizing “Щ-216” propeller-screws while its golden torpedoes are always ready to be launched.