Cufflinks “Sheptitsky”

Cufflinks "Sheptitsky"

“If you have ever saved at least one – you have already saved the whole world”
Jacob Dov Blaykh, the chief rabbi of Kyiv and Ukraine,
the head the Association of Ukrainian Judaic religious organizations

Tolerance is the courage of a high order. One of the brilliant examples of this simple truth was the life of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and Galicia Metropolitan (1900 -1944), the Kyiv Metropolitan Altar keeper Andrey Sheptitsky.

It will be sufficient to admit that Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky was one and the only European Church representative who dared write open letters to Heinrich Himmler and The Pope of Rome, in the protest against Nazi atrocities and the genocide of Jews.

He is well-known to have acted to harbor, shelter and rescue over 160 Jews in his residence and in Greek Catholic Monasteries practically at the beginning of the World War II and His famous pastoral letter “Thou Shalt Not Kill” calling not to commit political murders was widely read out in churches.

Ukraine as well as the rest of the civilized world will always thankfully remember and honor this Great Man. In 2013 the Medal “In Honor of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky” was instituted. The citizens of Ukraine and Israel as well as the representatives of the Diasporas are annually awarded with this Medal for having greatly contributed into the matter of mutual relations and cooperation between Ukrainian and Jewish people.

The men’s cufflinks “SHEPTYTSKY” represent the exact copy of the Medal which has already been invested to James Temerty and Viktor Pinchuk. Made of XXI century non-oxidizing silver the cufflinks will never darken or loose their unusual brightness.

The “SHEPTYTSKY” cufflinks are asymmetrical. One of them depictures the junction of Magen David and Trident – the national symbols of Israel and Ukraine. The other one bears the courageous Man’s bas-relief. The delicate guilloche line-pattern makes a unique background. This complicated technique is for handicraft only and is impossible to be lathe-made.

The men’s cufflinks “SHEPTYTSKY” are the gratitude to the World’s Righteous Man!