Cufflinks “Olympic”

Men's Cufflinks "Olympic"

“Faster, higher, stronger”!

Having been declaimed at VIII summer 1924 Paris Olympic Games these words have become not just the motto of all the Olympiads to come but also a life principle of strong personalities.

The pair of exclusive “OLYMPIC” cufflinks was presented to the outstanding soviet and Ukrainian track-and-field sportsman and pole-vaulter Sergey Bubka. He was the first man to have ever vault-conquered the height of more than 6 m! Sergey Nazarovych Bubka has got as many as 35 world records under his belt!

It is also in his honor that the right side of the cufflinks flies the Olympic flag with five Coubertin’s rings. The specialists of “Lobortas” Jewelry House have applied the combination of hot enamels and linear guilloche pattern to highlight key-points of the plot. Fabergé is regarded to have pioneered in ascending to the Olympus summit of this combined method usage. The beauty of guilloche processing done by handicraftsmen of the past is almost impossible to be reproduced – the refined play of light upon the guilloched gold is unbelievable!

The guilloche rays are focused inside the Olympic rings, while the enamels strictly replicate their true colors. The rings are linked in a chain forming the letter “W “to symbolize the unity of five world’s parts and the international character of the Olympic Games.

The back-side of the cufflinks lights the Olympic Fire, as it is lit each time from parabolic mirror in the Temple of Gera the Goddess to be relay-passed on the Olympic torch to where The World Games should take place.

Diamond-adorned and age-old-glory covered the “OLYMPIC” golden cufflinks loudly recite it,

“Citius, Altius, Fortius”!