Cufflinks “Guam”

Men's Cufflinks GUAM

True art is made noble and religious by the mind producing it.

The men’s cufflinks “GUAM” could be compared to one’s visiting card demonstrating the high sociometric status of its owner. In the XXI century such an accessory is never more just a parade trinket but a real task-tool, depositing those around one towards an international dialogue.

Created in 1997 GUAM is the organization for democracy and economic development, unifying at the moment Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova. Since 2015 it has been realizing its goal activity under the chairmanship of Ukraine.

The emblem of GUAM is reproduced by our jewelers in gold and imperial enamel of unique hues by the use of micro-architecture technique. It is a conventionalized four-petal-flower with the center in the shape of the sketchy image of the terrestrial Globe. Each of the petals symbolizes the GUAM member-country.

The masters of “Lobortas” Jewelry House managed to wonderfully express the official logotype by the use of fine plastic-textual guilloche potentialities to conglobate and build up a palpable volume. The very jewelry architecture of the cufflinks and their delicately engraved spatial pattern stimulate the sense of the infinite.

The “GUAM’ cufflinks have been granted to Ilham Heydar Oglu Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan, who appreciated the “Lobortas” jewelry House’s high skill at its true value.