Cufflinks “Blaykh”

Men's cufflinks "Blaykh"

“Ukraine is not only a Wonderland but simply a very good place”

(Jacov Dov Blaykh, the chief rabbi of Kyiv and Ukraine,
the head the Association ofUkrainian Judaic religious organizations)

The men’s cufflinks “Blaykh” are the symbol of unity and dignity.
It is a delicate and geometrically accurate piece of handicraft; it is also a position and principle!

The Golden Trident, the family s sign of Prince Volodymyr the Great, has been historically accepted by his posterity as the heraldic symbol of Kyivan Rus State’s power. Apart from the prince’s chambers the Trident has always been present in everyday life of a Ukrainian, serving as a religious symbol – the Sign of the Holy Trinity. Nowadays it is also universally recognized as the national one.

In our jewelry version we offer the fusion of Golden Trident with Magen David (Hebrew מָגֵןדָּוִד), the national Jewish sign. There arenumerous symbolic interpretations of «The Star of David”: according to one of them, there are 12 Vov-edges, or “men”, representing the 12 tribes of the sons (or patriarchs) of Israel.During the Israel tribes desert-wanderingtheir tents were being put up so that they would make the shape of six-pointed star around the Tabernacle, a traditional spiritual center. Thus, Magen David has become the symbol of Jewish People.

Jacov Dov Blaykh wore just the same cufflinks when in Canada House of Commons, at the ceremony of signing the document commemorating Metropolitan Andrew Sheptitsky, who had saved 160 people in the years of World War II. There The Honorable Medal of A. Sheptitsky was instituted, the one that James Temerty and Victor Pinchuk have already been rewarded with.

The jewelry union of Trident and Magen David upon azure hardened baking enamel is as fast and everlasting as the history of people’s and country’s relations.