Custom Cufflinks by Lobortas

The website, on which you are now, is unique with the opportunity to order or buy cufflinks. We give you a chance of creating your own exceptional and exclusive cufflinks together with us. Moreover, you will be able to range them with the cufflinks of ones, who create the history of the XXI century.

Gold cufflinks of the Prince of Kent with imperial jewelry enamels and ruby encrustation

Gold cufflinks of the Prince of Kent with imperial jewelry enamels and ruby encrustation

Gold cufflinks of Prince Michael of Kent, the first cousin of the English queen, honorary marshal of the British aviation, the owner of the legendary squadron…

The world of fashion jewelry is running forward irrepressibly. A revolutionary event occurred in the world of men’s accessories – world’s first…

Cufflinks of Donald Trump

Cufflinks of Donald Trump

Cufflinks of the Pope

Cufflinks of the Pope

November 27, 2013 at the meeting of the Pope with pilgrims, unique silver cufflinks, crafted with the technique of the imperial jewelry…

Unique gold cufflinks with the logo of the renowned billionaires’ club, which is in the ownership of one of the most famous…

Cufflinks "Mar-a-Lago"

Cufflinks “Mar-a-Lago”

Cufflinks of Patriarch Kirill

Cufflinks of Patriarch Kirill

Gold cufflinks of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus’, manufactured by…

Cufflinks with the emblem of the city of Eu that was particularly loved by French king Louis-Philippe. By uniting they become an allusion to the coat of arms of one of the most famous and outstanding medieval warriors, the legendary…

Cufflinks “Legacy”

Cufflinks “Legacy”

Cufflinks of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the President of FIDE

Cufflinks of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the President of FIDE

Unique design, innovatory application of the Genghis Khan symbol and historic symbolism of this name are embodied in the cufflinks with the same name and back and white jewelry enamels. This cufflinks are in ownership of the Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, President of FIDE (World Chess Federation) and IMSA (International Mind Sports Association).

Artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House have created the limited edition series of the unique cufflinks based on the only one known…

Cufflinks from the Vrubel's sketch

Cufflinks from the Vrubel’s sketch

As a continuation of the traditions, the Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” creates unique cufflinks and captures the history of fighting submarines in them.

In general, an overused phrase “any folly” in relation to the modern understanding of the cufflinks is absolutely appropriate. For the ascetic man cufflinks can be implemented in bronze or copper, but essentially with particular meaning or symbolism. In addition, for those who believe in special natural forces, cufflinks can contain precious stones according to horoscope or mysterious rules. For those who form family jewelry, the family relics of special descent heritage for the future generations. The majority of such jewelry works are made to order. But the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House, who achieved considerable success in the world’s contemporary jewelry art, offers you, as a special enthusiast, cufflinks in the form of a miniature masterpiece, which holds the value, accumulated by the civilization. You will find everything in them, from precious metals and stones to harmonious jewelry secrets and techniques, matched with the most modern technology and know-how.

Our advantages:

Manufacture of cufflinks to your order as soon as possible

Experience and skill of our jewelers offer the opportunity for our enthusiasts and buyers to create cufflinks exclusively and in the shortest possible time. This is our calling card.

Democratic and flexible pricing

Our cufflinks rejoice with their high quality and affordable prices. In special cases, at the request of the customer and of the buyer, expensive precious cufflinks, which, in time, become the family jewelry, can be manufactured.

An interesting and meaningful order was received from the President of Ukraine. The special limited series of cufflinks, encrusted with Ukrainian amber, with the image of the Ukrainian coat of arms and facsimile signature of the President, was created with a budget according to customer request. As an example, we specified the cufflinks of Bentley road machines, the cost of which was 65-70 £. Although Bentley vehicles are high cost, their elite accessories more democratic in price.

Such a limitation of value may be met only by resorting to the modern technology of bijouterie – photopolymeric (cold) enamels, widely used in the manufacture of fashionable low-cost jewelry, including cufflinks of Hermes and Freywille to maximize affordable jewelry and daily bijouterie.

Special series cufflinks to order of the President of Ukraine

Special series cufflinks to order of the President of Ukraine

The cufflinks of this special series are presented to the heads of other States as ambassadorial gifts at the time of the presidential visits.

Experience and skills, marked by the Guinness World Records

The Tsarevna Swan ring from the Lobortas House was registered by the Guinness World Records for "the most cut diamonds set into one ring", which is 2525 diamonds. Learn more... In addition, significant works of Lobortas are displayed in the world's famous museums, such as the State Hermitage Museum, Metropolitan Museum in New York and more.

Сертификат Книги рекордов Гиннеса

We are restoring ancient and lost jewelry techniques, connecting them with our ultranew achievements:

  • Unparalleled technologies and types of precious stones fastening
  • Unique types of diamond cutting of all kinds of precious stones and semi-precious stones
  • Engraving technique, impressive in its details and skill
  • Various types of jewelry enamels: imperial enamels, modern photopolymer enamels, classic hot jewelry enamels

An individual approach

Artistic and production opportunities of Lobortas House allow you to design and manufacture the cufflinks or any other precious jewelry from the author's sketch projects of the House in accordance with the customer's designs.

The peculiar thing is that the customers can take part in the manufacture of their own jewelry pieces and accessories. Our artisans and artists own particular individual approach to each order to create the planned image, using and combining traditional and modern jewelry materials and techniques.

Golden Voice cufflinks sketches

Golden Voice cufflinks sketches

Сufflinks with initials, monogram cufflinks, personalized cufflinks

Сufflinks with initials – one of the most popular types of cufflinks, manufactured to order. This is an excellent option for the gift, because the subject matter of art jewelry is for a specific customer’s personal identity. We are developing a number of unique artistic forms with initials for our customers. Monogram cufflinks shall develop the idea of cufflinks with initials. Initial letters of the name and the names can be artistically formed in a memorable mark. Monograms were often used by well-known royal persons, who believed their names to be so well known that the intricate symbol itself was enough to remind of them. The wezels belong to monograms as well In fact, wezel is a more complicated monogram with a more complex tangle of initials and the adding of different ornaments, patterns and floridity. Since VII century higher spiritual persons and monarchs certified their deeds with wezels, had them cut on the seals and placed on the rings (signets), coins and church utensils. Today, in the twenty-first century, the wezel has got new meaning. This sign with the gold of ornate lettering is a witness of owner’s status and outstanding nature, joyfully scattering the shine of diamonds and precious stones.

Coat of arms cufflinks

Cufflinks with personal or family crest represent the high-standing origin of their owner. Such cufflinks, made of gold or silver with precious stones, will be appreciated by the representatives of the noble families, after all, this is not simply a personal decoration, it is a family heritage, value, which can be passed to the inheritance. The Lobortas House has an invaluable experience of creation of the miniature jewelry masterpieces and cufflinks for the representatives of monarchy. Sometimes cufflinks so deeply impressed the royal family members, that monarchs wrote letters of thanks to the Lobortas House, where they noted a high level of jewelry work and wanted to meet with the goldsmith personally.

Cufflinks with the state emblem

Logo cufflinks, corporate cufflinks

Cufflinks with the company logo, as a rule, are manufactured on the company anniversary, or as a corporate gift to management, or to the contrary, company owners want to make an expensive gift, sometimes sophisticated handmade work, turning a regular product, cufflinks, in a stunning exclusive gift. Cufflinks are possible to be produced in the special limited series in order to award the best staff members or honorary guests with a corporate VIP gift.

Engraved cufflinks

Engraving is the way of jewelry processing of gold and silver that has been used for a number of millennia already. Its elite style, guilloche, has been applied since the XVII century. The correct engraving makes cufflinks to become alive in the literal sense: cufflinks with engravings are radiant and show the sunlight play.

The House “Lobortas” is famous for its unique technique of manual engraving. But to achieve superior quality and detail, jewelers not only manually сut and create works of fine art of jewelry, they also independently manufacture the necessary tools for this. The total number of engraver’s cutting tools reaches 300, each of which is applied, depending on the type and complexity of engraving. The difficulty of work is so great, that requires the use of microscope with a 20x optical zoom.

Handcrafting of the twenty-first century

Guided by the achievements of the best artisans of the past centuries and millennia, we fill and supplement our works with very elaborate handwork of the twenty-first century, while maintaining an acceptable and affordable price. This allows you to be outside the competition, both with antiques, and with the high-tech industrial jewelry of contemporary brands.

Creating the "Semargl" cufflinks

Creating the "Semargl" cufflinks

Manufacture of cufflinks in a single copy

The overwhelming majority of Lobortas jewelry, including cufflinks, is made in a single copy and these decorations are unique.

The possibility of manufacturing the special limited series

We have an undeniable experience of work with purchase orders, where you have to make not one, but several pairs of cufflinks of gold, silver or just metal with an individual design.

A bright example of special series of cufflinks, cufflinks collection "The Legacy of Vrubel", the basis for artistic solution was the unique jewelry brooch "Double Horseshoe". The brooch was crafted from the only world's known jewelry painting of the famous graphic artist Mikhail Vrubel and at this moment it is displayed in the State Hermitage Museum. Some may notice the similarities with the well-known brand of Chanel, however, the sketch was created long before the onset of Chanel.

The feature of the collection is the fact that some jewelry and cufflinks are made in the same style, and each pair of cufflinks does not lose its uniqueness.

Cufflinks "Vrubel’s Sketches" of white gold, silver and gold

Cufflinks "Vrubel’s Sketches" of white gold, silver and gold

It was possible to achieve this owing to the use and combining of various jewelry materials and techniques. The most expensive cufflinks of this collection are crafted out of 18K gold and encrusted with diamonds and sapphires of the highest quality. Cufflinks of silver, in which diamonds are replaced with white sapphires, were created for those who are interested in more affordable cufflinks. The use of the various precious stones as much as possible allows you to meet the needs of any customer. But the individuality of cufflinks does not end with this: each pair of cufflinks may have their own unique etched floral pattern.

КIn fact, one pair of silver cufflinks "Vrubel's Heritage" is owned by the first and the only president of Kazakhstan. He has been the head of the state most 24 years already, since December 10, 1991.

How can I order the individual cufflinks: