Cufflinks “My Land”

Request materials:

  • sterling silver
  • diamonds
  • black diamonds
  • cognac diamonds
  • classic hot enamel

Product Description

The ornaments that come to us from their ancient times are a peculiar cultural code that is imprinted at the sublayer of national consciousness. Their symbolism and creativity, genres and themes are repeated by different peoples, having creativity and senses in common with each other. We identify ourselves as ethnos through native images close to the heart and patterns familiar to us, the national colors. We discover us in them, detecting in antique signs and symbols something eternal and permanent and at the same time something cosmic and omnipresent.

In their works artisans of the House “Lobortas” often turn to ornamental culture, creating the whole thematic series. Using innovative technology and applying the classical methods of processing of precious stones, they build their worlds in which different types of motifs are built into the microcosm of the artistic reality.

In these luxurious cufflinks, silver is emphasized with a splendid shine of cognac diamonds. Man feasts his eyes upon them, as if he savours a vintage drink…

Interesting satin tint of expensive black diamonds is in contrast with the familiar luxury of white ones. And classic hot enamels, presented by the jewellers, demonstrate the full creative palette of the Ukrainian designers.