Cufflinks “Vyshyvanka”

Request materials:

  • gilding 999,9º ( 5 µm)
  • metal
  • Ukrainian amber
  • modern jewelry enamel

Product Description

The patterns of the ancient tradition
Will elegantly rest in the enamel stroke…

To capture the motives of your country in the jeweled embellisher, lovingly convey the flowery patterns of handicrafts, thereby creating your own ornament, stylized as the famous embroidery – the designers of the House “Lobortas” have the power to do all this. By blowing the lid off the secrets of national ornaments, the artisans are looking for the expressive means to transfer their secrets and precepts in the jewelry, which tend to become not only trophy, but also the emblematic ones.

The softness of amber shine has warmth and incredible energy of the native land, as well as the modern jewelry enamels make miniature cufflinks elegant and fresh. Own artists’ view on coloristics and genre features of the traditional decor elements helps them create exquisite jewelry that looks amazing and fresh, hereby maintaining the stylistic methods of classic jewelry techniques and popular ornaments.