Order Cufflinks

Cufflinks as the Jewelry Art Item of XXI Century

The Origin of Cufflinks

As a precious jewel accessory-item a cufflink is rather green an event in the human civilization art history. The first record of it dates back to the times of Louise XIV of France, the legendary Sun King and an adherent of the concept of the divine right of kings (and whose quill the famous quote “I’m the state” is believed to have been issued from). Those were though just single jewelry pieces, related to that of the man’s shirt, which never gained their wide popularity. It was the end of XIX and the mid-XX centuries when cufflinks made their true appearance, supervised by the bourgeois aristocracy and the introduction of a business-suit.

Brand Cufflinks

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the 20th century the jewelry art gave its place to the number of revolutionary-new market phenomena, such as brand-technologies, conveyor production and the appearance of the cheap costume bijouterie-jewelry. It goes without saying that the situation was hardly favorable for the development of any new directions in the art of jewelry, to say nothing of the samples of truly unique jeweler’s adornments, equal to their prior, either model or masterpiece ones. Thus, there could not possibly be any talking about some individually designed cufflinks, the way it once had been with royal or noble valuables. That is why nowadays a businessman wearing some brand-cufflinks demonstrates none of himself but simply bears someone else’s name.

The Jewelry Cufflinks

What is there, namely in an excess-barring-business suit, that can point personal status and tastes out? It is probably a cufflink, one and the only precious element, able to brightly represent its owner’s brilliant self. It is also one in a few XXI century creations with a family-treasure potential and could really be devolved, losing none of its actuality and being non-dependent on time or capricious fashion. Thus, the attitude of the perspective owners becomes more important, because one is depositing his personal Philosophy and Weltanschauung into the exquisite-individual cufflinks order, which will be moved up by the Time into the true treasures category. Such jewelry art pieces integrate with the World Treasury, while their owners leave behind a special jewelry message both to their posterity and to the world in large.

Men's and Women's Cufflinks

Among the variety of jewelry and jewels, which are gender-based divided into men's and women's ones, the cufflinks stand alone. Women's and men's cufflinks may differ only in a few cases, and mainly they are ideal both to female costume and to male suit. Women's cufflinks, for example, with large pearls or stones in silky pink colors, are unlikely to be chosen by men. In the rest there is no dilemma to buy men's cufflinks or to buy women's cufflinks. And that makes them popular absolutely for all. It is much more difficult to buy the elite cufflinks, especially originating from the sphere of genuine artistic jewelry that requires subtlety and taste from the buyer. The connoisseurs, those who have a good eye for detail of jewelry craft, are the ones, from whom it is better to seek advice, when purchasing such gems.