Cufflinks – the most versatile jewel of the twenty-first century

March 10, 2015 | Articles

Although the first evidence of the cufflinks refers to the times of Louis XIV, the legendary “Sun King”, convinced supporter of the principle of divine right of kings (the phrase “I am the State!” is ascribed to him), they were only a shirt jewelry, which previously did not gain general popularity.

gj0VPO6iV19The cufflinks as a kind of jewelry is something new in the history of exclusive jewels. Everybody expresses his preference as, perhaps, the only versatile jewel, having no personal exceptions. Politicians and spiritual leaders, the servicemen and business travelers, the women and men, the presidents and top managers, at the official events and at parties, during the week and on holidays are similar and are united in respect of the only one jewel. It is the cufflinks! We see them at the times of the signing of the important documents and with occupational gestures, during business handshakes and on the cuff of the fashionable woman gently patting her lock of hair back, on pages glossy magazines, and on our friends’ cuffs at the family party.  Someone estimates the person before him by the suit, and genuine connoisseurs of elitism, in the first instance, by cufflinks.

The rise of the cufflinks art was in the twentieth century, but it is now when they have reached their peak of popularity, and the significance of main and universal jewelry object, able to estimate everything. In the modern world, they have gained a role of key luxury jewelry product, quite appropriate to business style, both male and female one, as they highlight their owner’s taste and status, showing in their outlines his personal preferences and the philosophy of the world-view. A special role is given to bespoken handcrafted jeweled cufflinks.  To the politician’s order, it may be the symbols of his state or reflected key moments of his life, made with flawless jewelry techniques, which sometimes might be more valuable, showing in its aesthetics a “political correctness” as well.

For the ministers and clergymen these can be the symbols showing profoundness of their faith. Such spiritual jewelry may contain figurative and decorative elements of sacral nature.

Often cufflinks can be used as ambassadorial gifts on inter-state and large corporate level.

To the elegant modern suit, and to the strict formal (black tie) one, to the glamorous and extraordinary high fashion and to the sewn to order suit, the man, who respects himself and other people, will prefer the cufflinks, as this kind of jewelry in many cases is better perceived by people around. In the women’s dress the cufflinks can be luxurious and associated in an ensemble with other jewels. The men and their strict accessories can be stylistically homogeneous with the cufflinks in a single jewelry motive, though –with an expensive watch, for example.

In the exceptional case the exclusive cufflinks turn into the art object and the objects of high artistic jewelry, winning excitement and admiration and high evaluation from the experts and not only from them, gaining sincere compliments for the serenity of their owners’ natures.