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Laurence Graff. Maestro of The Jewelry World

British billionaire Laurence Graff, whom connoisseurs of the jewelry business called new Harry Winston, the last romantic, maestro of the jewelry world, has still sometimes become, by his own admission, frozen in delight at the sight of impressive stones. Laurence Graff argues that diamonds is the most sensible luxury that saves money and his main objective is finding new gems for constant clients, rather than new customers. So Graff stands […]

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Diana Vreeland’s Jewelry

In addition to worshiping the fashion and style, Diana Vreeland venerated jewelry. Editor of the magazines “Harper’s Bazaar” and “Vogue”, a cult figure of the 20th century, the woman, who turned magazines with pictures depicting fashionable clothes in authoritative publications in the field of fashion and style, catching and dictating new trends, was born in Paris, in 1903, in an aristocratic family Dalziel. As a matrilineal relative of George Washington […]

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Precious life of Henry Dunay

Henry Dunay is one of the great American jewelers and talented designers of our time. Many people call him “Faberge of the 20th century”. But despite the fact whether this statement is true or not, it is only known that Henry Dunay refers to the generation of ingenious jewelers – designers. Henry Loniewski was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, on May 1, 1935 to a Polish family of Henry […]

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Enchanting beauty of Jean Schlumberger

Jean Schlumberger was one of the most talented and bright jewelry designers of the twentieth century. Jean Schlumberger was born in 1907 in the city of Mulhouse in France, into a family of well-to-do parents. Having become a young man, Jean demonstrated the painting skills, by drawing different designs, but the parents saw the son’s future slightly different. Therefore, in 1930 the father sent Jean in Berlin to get him […]

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The Legacy of Duke di Verdura

Fulco di Verdura, the great Italian jeweler and artist, the founder of the glorious Jewelry Company “Verdura”, was born at the end of the XIX century in the aristocratic family in Palermo. The elegant manor house of the di Verdura family was built in the XVIII century. Small duke was surrounded by love and wealth, shine and luxury, peculiar to the usual way of life of the italian nobles of […]

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Harry Winston – The King of Diamonds

“The King of Diamonds”. Harry Winston earned this title in his lifetime owing to his passion for the most beautiful stone, to which he devoted his entire life. Harry Winston – a legendary man, who rarely appeared in public, virtually no interviews, no contacts with the press – outstanding jeweler, who was famous for his passion to big diamonds and who created one of the largest jewelry brands – “Harry […]

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Enrico Caruso – The Tenor, Who Conquered The World

Enrico Caruso was born on February 24, 1873 on the outskirts of Naples, in the Via San Giovannello agli Ottocalli 7. He had grown up in the heart of miraculous nature, Italian sky and the scorching sun. He was very impressible, impulsive and irascible. His first performances took place near his home in a small church. Enrico graduated from primary school only. With regard to the music training, he received […]

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Maharajas. The Legendary Treasures

Europeans imagine Maharajas with the fabulous greatness: the palaces magical on their splendor, full of servants and concubines, the elephants embellished with jewelry, the treasuries groaning with rubies, diamonds and emeralds. Today the fact that the British managed to conquer such an enormous country amazes a lot of people. In fact, they did not conquer. They made agreements. The princes (the colonial British rulers told them to call themselves in […]

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Igor Stravinsky – the World-Famous Genius

At the end of the XIX century Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky was born. Igor Fyodorovich went down in history, as one of the most talented and famous composers of the XX century. He was born in 1882 to the ravishing thunder of Strauss waltzes and on a year after the assassination of Alexander II the Liberator, who had abolished the serfdom. The father of the composer, Fyodor Ignatievich Stravinsky, was born […]

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Chess is the Art

Chess is most often referred to as a “game”. Yes, it is a game, but it includes many elements of the sport, science and art. Everyone knows that chess originated in the ancient centuries in India and its history counts a number of millennia. One of the most ancient games on Earth, preserved up to our time, is practically endless – if the players had sticked to the chess board […]

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