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Original Philosophy of Wallace Chan

The original philosophy and unique story follows each masterpiece of jewelry, made by Wallace Chan’s hands. His motto: “Nature creates, I reflect”. Never before goldsmiths could pass the beauty of natural colors as much as Wallace Chan does. Wallace Chan is a legendary jeweler, who entered the world of antique jewelry in life and is one of the world’s most unique and pricey goldsmiths. For his creations, connoisseurs are willing […]

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Mysterious Viren Bhagat

Viren Bhagat is the most famous, most private, enigmatic and pricey jeweler of modern India. In professional circles he is considered one of the most outstanding goldsmiths and designers of our time. Jewels by Viren are superdemanded and are usually bought up when the work on them is still in process. Prices for Viren’s jewelry are usually expressed by seven-digit figures, but that doesn’t stop collectors and connoisseurs. Viren Bhagat […]

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Passion and Magic from Van Cleef & Arpels

Annals of the Van Cleef & Arpels Jewellery House is a beautiful story of family happiness, passion and magic, which has had an incredible impact on the world of jewelry. The story of Van Cleef & Arpels, one of the most romantic and mysterious brands throughout the history of global art jewelry, starts as a true fairy tale — with a luxurious wedding of Estelle Arpels, daughter of the precious […]

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Laurence Graff. Maestro of The Jewelry World

British billionaire Laurence Graff, whom connoisseurs of the jewelry business called new Harry Winston, the last romantic, maestro of the jewelry world, has still sometimes become, by his own admission, frozen in delight at the sight of impressive stones. Laurence Graff argues that diamonds is the most sensible luxury that saves money and his main objective is finding new gems for constant clients, rather than new customers. So Graff stands […]

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René Boivin. Jeweler’s masterpieces for the elite.

Jewelry House René Boivin fittingly occupies one of the pages of the history of jewelry. Impeccable quality of jewelry made Boivin René House, one of those who defined the style until the mid-twentieth century, very famous. Jewelry by House of René Boivin was initially created on individual sketches for specific customers, connoisseurs of the beautiful things and was famous for being “alive” — the pieces were turning, twisting, harboring those […]

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Victoire de Castellane. Parisian Style

When people ask Victoire de Castellane what is more important, fashion or style, fashion or elegance, she says, “Fashions fade, style is eternal. It is the same with elegance — fancy stuff isn’t always elegant. Fashion is sheath, even nudity can convey the style.” People say that Victoire is eccentric and, at the same time, they are talking about the incredible creativity of this woman. Both is true. She is […]

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Ambaji Shinde. Unrivaled Designer of the “King of Diamonds”

King of Diamonds, Harry Winston, called Ambaji Shinde the most precious treasure of the Harry Winston Jewelry House. Possessing an outstanding creative genius, Ambaji Shinde created a whole constellation of original jewelry masterpieces for Harry Winston, becoming truly a cult figure in the history of the House. The figure of the America’s master goldsmith, Harry Winston, was covered with legends during his life. He was called the “King of Diamonds.” […]

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Buccellati. Eternity of Beauty.

While exhibiting at Madrid’s 1920 Exposition, Mario Buccellati caught the public’s attention when he hurled an expensive compact out a window when a woman asked for a discount, shouting, “I am not a tradesman! I am a jeweler!” The next day, hundreds turned up to look at his booth, curious to see the unknown jeweler’s pieces. Everything was sold then. Buccellati was then invited to exhibit his work at a […]

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Boucheron. Luxurious and Sensual

Thoughtful image and legends made jewelry of French Jewelry House Boucheron unique, luxurious, sensual, evocative and instantly recognizable, even over a century and a half. Boucheron Jewelry House history begins in 1858, the year when the family decided to combine two of their trades, perfume and jewelry in one shop. The first store was opened in 1858 in Galerie de Valois, Palais-Royal, in the heyday of the second French Empire, […]

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Asprey & Garrard — Three Centuries of Jewelry Perfection (Part Two – Asprey)

William Asprey founded the Asprey Jewelry House in Mitcham, the county of Surrey, in 1781. He was a descendant of the Huguenots, some of which fled from France to England. Like most French Protestants fleeing from persecution during the reign of Louis XIV, the ancestors of William were skilled artisans, smiths, tanners, watchmakers. The first products were a variety of traveling accessories, made of high quality leather. They laid the […]

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