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Original Philosophy of Wallace Chan

The original philosophy and unique story follows each masterpiece of jewelry, made by Wallace Chan’s hands. His motto: “Nature creates, I reflect”. Never before goldsmiths could pass the beauty of natural colors as much as Wallace Chan does. Wallace Chan is a legendary jeweler, who entered the world of antique jewelry in life and is one of the world’s most unique and pricey goldsmiths. For his creations, connoisseurs are willing […]

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Mysterious Viren Bhagat

Viren Bhagat is the most famous, most private, enigmatic and pricey jeweler of modern India. In professional circles he is considered one of the most outstanding goldsmiths and designers of our time. Jewels by Viren are superdemanded and are usually bought up when the work on them is still in process. Prices for Viren’s jewelry are usually expressed by seven-digit figures, but that doesn’t stop collectors and connoisseurs. Viren Bhagat […]

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