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Boucheron. Luxurious and Sensual

Thoughtful image and legends made jewelry of French Jewelry House Boucheron unique, luxurious, sensual, evocative and instantly recognizable, even over a century and a half. Boucheron Jewelry House history begins in 1858, the year when the family decided to combine two of their trades, perfume and jewelry in one shop. The first store was opened in 1858 in Galerie de Valois, Palais-Royal, in the heyday of the second French Empire, […]

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Asprey & Garrard — Three Centuries of Jewelry Perfection (Part Two – Asprey)

William Asprey founded the Asprey Jewelry House in Mitcham, the county of Surrey, in 1781. He was a descendant of the Huguenots, some of which fled from France to England. Like most French Protestants fleeing from persecution during the reign of Louis XIV, the ancestors of William were skilled artisans, smiths, tanners, watchmakers. The first products were a variety of traveling accessories, made of high quality leather. They laid the […]

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Asprey & Garrard — three centuries of jewelry perfection (part one)

History of Asprey & Garrard is no small than 300-year-old chronicle of two ancient British jewelry Houses Garrard & Co and Asprey with rich history and established traditions. And despite the fact that their joint union lasted only for four years, each jewelry house made an invaluable contribution to world jewelry treasury. In ancient times, talented Jewelers enjoyed honor and respect in the circles of royals and nobility; they were […]

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