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Tiffany. Dream in the Blue Box. (part two)

In 1878, at L’Exposition universelle de Paris, Tiffany & Co. received top honors for silverware and jewelry, and Charles Tiffany was awarded with Medal of a Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur, and finally secured the status of legislator of the world fashion jewelry. In the same year, Charles Tiffany purchased diamond “Tiffany” for $18,000. One of the world’s largest and rarest yellow raw diamonds was cut into an excellent 128.54-carat […]

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Tiffany. Dream in the Blue Box. (Part one)

For more than thirty years, women from all over the world have been dreaming to get a treasured ring in the turquoise box by Tiffany in the tremulous moment of their lives… The history of Tiffany & Co. began 180 years ago, in 1837, at the 259 Broadway in New York, where two friends, Charles Lewis Tiffany and John Young, opened a stationery and haberdashery shop, calling it “Tiffany & […]

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Only birds sing for nothing. Feodor Chaliapin

“Only birds sing for nothing” was the proverb phrase, used by the great opera singer Feodor Ivanovich Chaliapin in his business negotiations with Opera impresarios and theater directorate. The great Chaliapin was a reflection of the splintered Russian reality: tramp and aristocrat, family man and a wanderer, a frequenter of restaurants and a lover of women. Despite all life circumstances, Feodor Chaliapin entered the world opera history forever, being not […]

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