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The Legacy of Duke di Verdura

Fulco di Verdura, the great Italian jeweler and artist, the founder of the glorious Jewelry Company “Verdura”, was born at the end of the XIX century in the aristocratic family in Palermo. The elegant manor house of the di Verdura family was built in the XVIII century. Small duke was surrounded by love and wealth, shine and luxury, peculiar to the usual way of life of the italian nobles of […]

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Harry Winston – The King of Diamonds

“The King of Diamonds”. Harry Winston earned this title in his lifetime owing to his passion for the most beautiful stone, to which he devoted his entire life. Harry Winston – a legendary man, who rarely appeared in public, virtually no interviews, no contacts with the press – outstanding jeweler, who was famous for his passion to big diamonds and who created one of the largest jewelry brands – “Harry […]

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Enrico Caruso – The Tenor, Who Conquered The World

Enrico Caruso was born on February 24, 1873 on the outskirts of Naples, in the Via San Giovannello agli Ottocalli 7. He had grown up in the heart of miraculous nature, Italian sky and the scorching sun. He was very impressible, impulsive and irascible. His first performances took place near his home in a small church. Enrico graduated from primary school only. With regard to the music training, he received […]

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