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Cartier – Beauty, France, Sophistication, Luxury

You can hardly find a person, who has never heard the name of Cartier. The history of one of the best jewelry houses began with a small private workshop in Paris, when Louis-Francois Cartier, the future jeweler of royal heads, became an apprentice of Adolf Piccard, a jeweler from Paris. Then he did not even imagine that he would supply the kings and court nobility with luxurious jewelry… Adolf Piccard […]

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Chess is the Art

Chess is most often referred to as a “game”. Yes, it is a game, but it includes many elements of the sport, science and art. Everyone knows that chess originated in the ancient centuries in India and its history counts a number of millennia. One of the most ancient games on Earth, preserved up to our time, is practically endless – if the players had sticked to the chess board […]

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Niki de Gunzburg – the most elegant fashion observer of the 20th century

At the time when Duke of Windsor was confidently creating his unique style, in Paris, shone Niki de Gunzburg, the American world fashion observer, amazing man with an impecca-ble taste in the selection of clothing and accessories. Baron Nicolas Louis Alexandre de Gunzburg was born in the beginning of the 20th century in the family of the Russian banker. Niki grew up in England and held his youth in France. […]

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