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Rifles for the KIings and the Kings of the Rifles

“Rifles for the kings and the kings of the rifles”. Winston Churchill gave this epithet to the shotguns of the “James Purdey” London firm. The products of James Purdey (since 21 December 1877 – James Purdey & Sons) is not simply artfully executed sample of superior class rifle for hunting or sports, but primarily the most prestigious brand of hunting weapons and hunting accessories. The firm of James Purdey & […]

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Yellow Submarine

“So we sailed up to the sun Till we found the sea of green And we lived beneath the waves In our yellow submarine”. These words from the famous song “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles, written by Paul McCartney was loved by everyone. The song immediately became all-popular. Certainly, only few know that the popular song “Yellow Submarine” appeared in August 1966, at the time when the world successfully built […]

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Duke of Windsor – the king of the style

Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, the Prince of Wales – all these are the names belonging to one person, but the family and close friends called him simply David. The biography of this man has a bright and long way of the self-confident, strong personality, without which the history of men’s fashion would have lost one of the most important pages. In the case of fashion, he was one of […]

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