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James Bond – courageous, ironic and elegant

“My name is Bond. James Bond”. With these words the character, created by Ian Fleming, introduced himself. James Bond brought a fortune and the glory to one of the most widely read authors of the XX century and left his unique style in the history. James Bond has the best of all, whether suit or shoes, cigarettes or silverware, cufflinks or watches, drinks or cars. He preferred the suits banded Brioni […]

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Unsurpassed and Perfect Gangster Style for Those, Who are Audacious and Brave

There are styles of dress, which remain popular for a long time and the gangster style is one of them. Gangster style of dress is traditionally associated with mafia clans, acting on the territory of the USA in 1920-1940s. In the 1920s many gangsters appear wearing expensive suits and having sonorous names. One of the striking representatives of gangster style era was Al Capone, Chicago gangster. Biographers still say that […]

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