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The treasures of the Spanish king Philip V from the galleon San Jose

The President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos announced that one of the most anticipated hidden treasures of recent decades will be raised from the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. Sunken San Jose galleon with the treasures in the amount of approximately $5 billion on board was detected in November 2015. Found on the shores of Colombia Spanish galleon “San Jose” was carrying treasures intended for the Spanish king Philip V […]

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Treasures of the World. Cufflinks Made Out of Coins

In recent years, many buried treasures were found and the coins were the lion’s share of them. 350 gold coins were found and nine of them were especially rare ones. These were the golden reals coined in 1715 for the Spanish King Phillip V. An estimated value of each such coin is about 300 thousand dollars. In the waters off Florida’s Coast treasure hunters raised values for a total amount […]

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